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Somerset Homecoming: Recovering a Lost Heritage
(Doubleday, 1988)
Written with North Carolina slave historian Dorothy Redford; a Book-of-the-Month Club alternative selection and winner of the Virginia College Stores Association Book Award;

From Library Journal:
Alive with crisp prose, this book tells of Redford's unusual accomplishment of uniting the descendants of black slaves, some of whom were kin, on the antebellum Somerset Plantation in North Carolina where their ancestors had worked, lived, and been enslaved. The consuming passion that pushed Redford through her painful, groping search for identity yields a treasure of black struggle and survival in slavery and afterward, climaxing with a black homecoming carried nationally by the media. This poignant, personal saga of black roots and branches is recommended for Afro-American, Southern, local history, and genealogy collections. A gem.

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