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"The best, most beautifully researched and most thoroughly presented black family history that I know of. ..it is all our stories."
-- Alex Haley

"Fascinating ...with charm and good humor. The harmless mania that besets genealogists has never been put to better or more generous use."
-- The Atlantic Monthly

"Moving. ..as much about a remarkable woman as about an American people."
-- New York Times

"Triumphant. ...inspiring...a proud and moving saga, told with dignity and immense warmth."
-- Kirkus Reviews

"Fascinating, beautiful, enormously important."
-- Cosmopolitan

"Marvelous...there are moments of drama, high humor and sorrow in Redford's odyssey."
-- Publishers Weekly

"A wonderfully vivid portrait of plantation life before the Civil War, and a searing description of the effects of slavery on masters and slaves alike."
-- Book-of-the-Month Club

"This is one of those books that prove love is the ladder that reaches through time."
-- Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple

"Somerset Homecoming is, in the profoundest sense, achingly American. ..one of the most memorable chronicles written about black Americans in our nation. I read it enthralled, between tears and laughter. All our children, black and white, should read it."
-- Willie Morris, author of For Us The Living and North Toward Home

"As compelling as a novel. Somerset Homecoming is a wonderful tale."
-- Mary Helen Washington, author of Black-Eyed Susans and Invented Lives

"Delightfully written. ..all black people are the beneficiaries of Redford' s labor of love."
-- Henry Louis Gates, Jr., author of Colored People

"Fascinating. ..a small gem."
-- The Washington Post

"Alive with crisp prose ...poignant ...a gem."
--Library Journal

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