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"Engaging...intriguing. ..undeniably gripping."
--The New York Times

"Absolutely riveting. ...After reading this book, I can truthfully say, 'Dennis Byrd is my hero.'"
--Peter King, Sports Illustrated

"Mike D'Orso did a grand job researching and writing this book. D'Orso has the wisdom of never allowing his writing to interfere with Byrd's story. At the same time, he communicates all the emotions that are part of this book, from the mind-numbing fear caused by paralysis to the soul-enriching joy of moving a finger again for the first time ....If you read one book this year, you wouldn't do badly by choosing this one."
--The Orlando Sentinel

"Heart-touching...Into this world so often filled with despair and broken dreams, Oklahoman Dennis Byrd, with Michael D'Orso, brings a much needed message of faith, hope and love."
--The Tulsa World

"Graphic ...arresting ...very moving and inspirational."
--Library Journal

"It is D'Orso's gifted writing, as well as the resilient character of Byrd, that raises this from a simple sports injury tale to one of faith and triumph."
--The City Paper (Wash. D.C.)

"Absorbing. ..a gritty, gutty story."
--The Sunday Oklahoman

"An inspiring, courageous story that enhances the meaning of what it is to be human."
--The Virginian-Pilot

"More than a sports story. ..It's an inspiring testimony of one man's courage and faith in the most important game of all."
--Tom Landry

"Terrifying, fascinating and inspiring, a testament to love of all kinds. ..You'll stay up way too late reading it."
-- Diane Sawyer, ABC News

"Magic...This autobiography is as moving and inspiring as Dennis Byrd's victory over paralysis."
-- Dick Schapp, ABC Sports

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