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"A thoroughly and scientifically grounded narrative of how and why our oceans are endangered.... both immersive and easy to dip into, filled with short asides, beautiful photographs and explanatory charts.... Like An Inconvenient Truth for the oceans."
-- The Los Angeles Times

"Lucid and compelling..."

"A tour de force.... Everyone in the conservation movement should champion this great book."
-- The Nature Conservancy

"Danson and D'Orso balance cold, hard fact and inspiration by which to do something about it. Beautifully rendered with stunning photographs...."
-- The Sierra Club

"Not a book you would expect from a celebrity writer….This handsome book, mixing personal anecdote with research, graphics, history and bullet points, gives both a broad overview and provides the details that make it a compelling read."
-- E: The Environmental Magazine

"A compelling argument wrapped in lovely graphic design... Packed with gorgeous color illustrations and a succession of striking diagrams."
-- The Virginian-Pilot

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