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"This powerful book should be required reading for politicians, educators, and anyone interested in the future of this country; no library should be without it."
-- Library Journal

"Gripping. ..dramatic...a first-person account of how a nuclear-powered principal saved a Philadelphia school in a collapsing inner-city neighborhood."
--Kirkus Reviews

"Frank, matter-of-fact. ..the story gains potency from the many examples of children and families whose lives were impacted by this dynamic principal."
-- The Christian Science Monitor

"Inspirational. ..frank. ..forthright. . .uplifting."
-- The Hackensack (N.J.) Record

"Perceptive...keenly aware. ..shocking."
-- The Philadelphia New Observer

"A moving story about a principal who cared greatly, gave deeply of herself and undoubtedly had a great impact on the lives that she touched and influenced."
-- The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Amidst drugs, poverty and despair in the inner city, Madeline Cartwright created a school where children could thrive. Her weapons: uncommon good sense, a commitment to strong values, and enormous reserves of energy and optimism."
-- Albert Shanker, President, American Federation of Teachers

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