Monday, January 26, 2009
Q&A with Mike D'Orso the C-Flight Champion

CFLIGHT2009Q&A with the 2009 C-Flight Chase Cup Champion

Mike D'Orso
Norfolk, VA

Mike D'Orso took a few moments to sit down with Tour Director, Lyle Joyner to answer a few questions about golf, life and the 2008 Tour Season. D'Orso won the C-Flight Chase Cup Championship last October. He traveled with the Tidewater team to Hilton Head, SC to play in the VALA Challenge Cup and the Amateur Golf Tour National Championship. Let's take a look at what D'Orso had to say.

TD. Tell me three things not related to golf that you consider must-dos before you’re on the wrong side of the divot?

a. Finally finishing the book Ricky Williams and I have been working on for more than two years now....
b. Watching my daughter Jamie celebrate her 50th birthday (she just turned 24)...
c. Write a personal, behind-the-scenes memoir of all the people and places I've experienced through my nearly-30-year career as a journalist/author...

What is your wildest golf dream?
D'Orso: To play on the coast of Ireland....which I'm finally going to do this July.

TD. What 2009 Tidewater Tour event do you want to win the most?
D'Orso: Any one....I'm not good enough to be choosy.

TD. You’ve been granted a 60-minute sit-down with any figure in the world of golf, living or dead. What’s your first question == and to whom would you address it?
D'Orso: Tiger Woods -- My first question would be in 2 parts, both related:

1. How, when and where does he find time for himself away from the public (and from golf), and what does he DO with that time?
2. Besides golf and his family, what is his greatest passion?

TD. Other than winning a tournament, what would make next year a success?
D'Orso: On the course, getting my handicap down to an 11 and off the course, finally finishing that goddamned book.

TD. Who from the Tidewater Tour would you like to stare down on Sunday in a Major and what major, why?
D'Orso: Junior Espiritu, in ANY major, because he's such a great guy, either way, I win.

TD. Your greatest Golf Moment? Describe it for us, when, where, what happen?
D'Orso: Making a 10-foot putt on the 18th hole at Cahoon to break 80 there for the first time (from the blue tees).

TD. If you could fix only one part of your golf game what would it be?
D'Orso: The accuracy of my mid-iron approach shots.

TD. Describe the feeling of the VALA and what it meant to win the Challenge Cup in 2008?
D'Orso: I left team sports (basketball and baseball/softball) to start playing golf. This was my first taste of that TEAM feeling on the golf course, and it was absolutely, contagiously awesome. We were truly a UNIT down there.

TD. Finally, you win the 2009 Chase Cup at Cahoon Plantation, what’s for dinner after the Championship is won?
D'Orso: I don't know, but I DO know someone else will be picking up the tab.